Sage unloading. Look at the set out the back! Wha...


Bondi’s a ghost town in and out of the water. The cold has driven everyone away. It’s frosty down there…you can feel that it’s snowing in the mountains.

The waves looked really good and empty. Not many interested at all. 3-4 foot, SE swell and WNW winds which will pick up today. A lot of beaches will have great waves this morning with those generous conditions. Get in before the arvo wind.

How good are the new North Bondi toilets? Who’d thought a public space could look this decent. Good job Sam Crawford Architects. Let’s have more considered, sustainable design around Bondi. See what I mean. Wondering around Bondi today I couldn’t believe how much construction is taking place. Every street has building sites, cranes. The once ghetto AKA Scum Valley is getting a much needed face lift.

Cheers, :: uge

Sam Crawford's latest masterpiece - North Bondi toilets

Loaded today...yes....YES!

The mysterious secret club of Bondi (Rose Bay Surf Club)

Frothy water, Bondi

Father and son team

Uncrowded and rights. Just my flavour

Bondi once had trams along here. Art by Stephen Evans


Right runners

Sage enjoying this morning!

3 thoughts on “Loaded

    1. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know it’s taken a while to build, but don’t care if it looks good. So much horrible looking (built fast) structures around Bondi. Cheers, uge

  1. The new toilets will be open in 4th of October 2016. the reason they’re closed the council does not want you to pee and shaite in the new toilets before the summer, please use shaity temp boxes for now .

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