Corrupt Card

Every day I shoot with two or more cameras. I’m not a fan of changing lenses on the run, so I bring whole camera bodies dedicated to a particular focal length (at risk of looking like one of those sports photographers on the sidelines of the footie with four bodies dangling from the neck).

Today one of those cameras had a corrupted memory card, so you only see half the goods – just my wide angle stuff (Mainly portraits). It’s a shame, as I shot some stunning golden light plumes and slow-motion footage!

Great morning. Plenty of sunshine and offshore winds. 2 footers.

At 7:30 am the lifeguards announced that there was a shark in the bay chasing a giant bait ball close to shore. Everyone sat up, listened, and continue to slide into their morning rituals. (pretty sure it’s was a Grey Nurse who is harmless to humans).

:: uge

Jonathon Worner over from Perth


Inca and those trippy eyes




Andrew Grace is back in town today


The big smile of Alice Godet


Here it comes


A very serious looking Peter Strain




6 thoughts on “Corrupt Card

  1. Just a guess, was this corrupted card a Sandisk one, I’ve had nothing but trouble with Sandisk Compact Flash cards. I ended up throwing all of them (15 cards) out and switched to Lexar and Delkin, I’ve had zero problems with either of those brands.
    Sadly Lexar decided to stop making camera cards, so I’ll just stick with Delkin.

    1. It was a sandisk! Been using Sandisk my entire career (20 years) and never ever had a problem. THis is one of my newest cards.

  2. So hopefully you have learned the hard way like I did to shoot with two cards in the slots, assuming your cameras can? I shoot Nikon.Even the best cards can fail. Kevin (Marinelife & WIldlife photographer).

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