Desert Reef

G’day from WA!

I’ve traversed the country┬áin search of the famous giant spotted fish – The Whale Shark. Ningaloo is a 300 kilometre stretch of world-heritage listed reef that hugs North-Western corner of Australia. Whale Sharks frequent this area as food is plentiful.

Today we swam with them! Around 5 of the big units. Tick. It’s an extraordinary experience. The charter boat companies have spotter planes guiding in your boat to the locations of the sharks, you then get dropped off ahead of them and try to swim alongside. We saw Whale Sharks around 10 metres long, but they get a lot bigger.

The ocean and reef are full of life here – it’s so healthy. I’m impressed. It’s not just Whale Sharks; you’ll see Dugongs, lots of Turtles and Manta Rays.

Heaps of swell in town too. All the surf breaks lit up this afternoon. So many remote outer reefs…Wow! Sensory overload today, I’m gonna go sit in a dark, cool room for a couple of hours.

:: uge

P.S. The water is 24, the land 34 degrees. Your towel will dry in minutes.

We're heading to this beach tomorrow...Ningaloo, WA


Layers, The Coral Coast, WA


Heaps of swell grinding.


Just an empty carpark with a eagles nest, Ningaloo


This is what happens when you go with the wrong charter company


Remnants of the cold war, can find any submarine in the world


Days start like this...Exmouth


Lighthouse runners, Exmouth, WA


Solid end to a day, Ningaloo


9 thoughts on “Desert Reef

  1. Wow, wow and wow… lucky your kids are! Great pics Uge, I will put this place on my must do list now!

  2. This has been on my bucket list for a very long time! What’s the best way to see these Whale Sharks? Can you say the company you did it with?

    Also, must dos around this area of WA? Exmouth looks amazing!

    1. We stayed at Mantarays, and went out to the sharks with LIVE NINGALOO – both amazing. LIVE are small groups of 10 only, so more time with sharks.

  3. This has been on my bucket list for a while, would you please please please give some tips in getting there and where to stay, etc?

  4. Ningaloo is an amazing place. Yes it’s World Heritage Listed, but taken care of for how long? If you enjoy our beautiful natural world, you all know what to do on 18 May.

  5. Stunning photography when the desert meets the ocean & reef. We camp at Warroora for as long as time allows us over winter. Southerners migrating north for the winter. Absolutely magic country, takes me right back there.

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