Clean Closeouts

It was a shame the tide was so low for my photos this morning (0.5m at 8:40 am).

The conditions were clean, crisp, offshore and head high. It will improve a lot when the tide kicks back in…I hope.

It is offshore all day long, so plenty of time. Have a coffee, and enjoy the winter sun in paradise.

:: uge

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Chris Friend, full pace hacks


The day before pool clean - not the most photogenic time to shoot pics down there


Closeout chasing, Bondi


Wallet Dropage, Friendy


Grinding them to find them


Eve White, morning swim


One thought on “Clean Closeouts

  1. Hello
    I would like to enquire as to what portrait photos you have as opposed to landscape photos. we are looking for 2 with dimensions of ballpark 120 x 150

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