Typical of Sydney, after a warm(ish) north wind day we get smothered with a southerly. It’s colder, greyer and onshore at Bondaka.

Waves are breaking around the 1.25ft to 1.934ft range. It’s not much chop and better suited to learners.

Swim? Yeah, do it. Plenty getting wet this morning after a warm night. It’s not its usual pretty self though.

Winds should lighten and kick back to the East or North. That’ll clean up the beach. The sun should poke out a bit later today as well. Have a good one! Uge

The bulldozer is back, will this destroy our banks? Or make them better


Balcony glows




Early swims, Bondi


Stripes over Ben Buckler Point


You're not missing anything down there today


One thought on “Reversal

  1. Uge – you’re down there everyday – can’t you ask the bulldozer dudes, rather then making it even, to push a the sand out in a few big piles along the beach to maybe set up a few nice A frames. Bulldozer barrel bandits!

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