Big Swells + Dizzy Spells

Is life feeling a tad closer to normal? A tiny bit? Our government is now busy trying to work out how we can all return to our previous lives in a controlled and orderly fashion – baby steps.

I believe freedom will happen sooner if we all download the COVIDSAFE app. Then if we get a flare-up, we can be more organised.

Big swells in town, loads of water flowing from the southerly. These shots are experimental slow shutters – don’t worry, you’re screen isn’t busted! Get your berets on; it’s called art!

I hope you are all a little more optimistic, as I feel there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Stay positive and healthy, at home. :: uge

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Slow shutter walls


Rogue water




Acid surfing




Stealth Combo (2 x Pieces)


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