Crew on the southern peakBUY

3 Peaks

3 distinct peaks were working at Bondi this morning. Overnight it had dropped in size (now 2-3 foot), but its cleaner and lining quite nicely. Large pack of hungry wolves up for the early though, I’d say be patient, wait until everyone wonders off to work and yee shall score. Tomorrow should be very similar and on the weekend the swell returns, bringing rogue 6-8 chunks. So plenty of waves over the next few days, not a bad weekend to bake the chariot out of town. high tide 8:40am, low tide 2pm, 19 degrees in the water, max 18 on the land. ::uge

Sam McIntosh skidsBUY

Nice little pocketBUY

Jono and is big frontside slashBUY

middle peak in full operationBUY

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