Middles had a decent left with only 5 out

The new look

Notice anything new today? Well after years of flogging the old website here is the new look Aquabumps 2008. The old site just didn’t cut it anymore, considering it was knocked up on a weekend and was invented before blogging was even around…it served thousands of people well.

We tried to maintain the simplicity of the original Aquabumps idea – easy to use, easy to find stuff, clean/uncluttered well designed interface with big mother-all-mighty photographs, so you can see every detail in the 21 mega pixel shots. (Canon Mk3 that is…)

So this version of the site only took 12 months to create and a second mortgage on my pad. Thank you to the web team that were instrumental; Zac, Stephen, Ceej, Ab, Mikala, Kelvinator. Disclaimer: we’re still fine tuning and testing. Please excuse any errors and thanks for your patience.

To summarise the new features:

  • www.aquabumps.com – hava look. Some people don’t go pass the daily email. Yep there is a whole website behind this thing.
  • Oh my! big whopping pictures (yes, they may be slow to download for now, but broadband is only getting faster people)
  • Archives – they’re all on there. I’ve been loggin’ reports for 9 years. 5 years are archived neatly and easily accessible on the new website (see the footer)
  • Comments – you can comment on reports. I get on average 40-50 emails a day commenting on things, asking questions etc. Now you can post those comments, so other people can read and relate/disagree or get in touch with other members of the Aquabumps community. We have a tight comments policy – so be well behaved kids and stay relevant otherwise our moderators will axe your propaganda.
  • Buy Artwork – the best images that are housed in the North Bondi gallery are for sale online – framed, unframed. We simplified the image catalogues – so you don’t have to trawl through 10,000 shots anymore. Just the gold shots.
  • Recent shoots – you can see recent trips, events, party pics etc in this section. Not to forget the lovely Miss Bondis.
  • Noticeboard – Need a place to live? Selling something? Post it on our noticeboard. It’s becoming very popular and now the latest 2 post are attached in the daily email. I get great feedback for home seekers.
  • Advertise – now that the site has expanded, we’ve got plenty of areas for you to advertise your business to the Aquabumps mob. Do it.
  • Search – yep we did it. A keyword site search (top right on homepage). So finally you can find things on your own. WEB 2-oh, here we come! Only took 9 years.
  • Forwarding the daily email – I get so many damn complaints that you can’t forward Aquabumps daily emails without breaking the formatting – now you can. Hit the forward on the top of every daily email.
  • GMAIL, Hotmail, Thunderbird, Outlook – whatever…this daily email should look the same in whatever email system you use.


To kick off this momentous day we’ve even got good waves down at Bondi. I saw 3-4 footers breaking on multiple peaks earlier today. The ocean still looks unsettled and with a forecasted 30 knot southerly – she’s gonna blow! With the increase in winds is a increase in swell size. In fact all week there will be waves, the winds are the problem. Super fun new left bank in the corner. Damn chilly in the mornings though.

Couple decent bomb lefts peeling in

Finally some light broke through the clouds

Deadly out for the early

Waves are a bit random, but the odd one worked out

13 thoughts on “The new look

  1. Hey Uge,

    The quality of the photos is great, but just to let you know that today’s daily email froze the PCs of a few of us in the office when we clicked on the email and our Outlook was frozen for about 3 minutes. Just thought i would let you know as a few others may be experiencing the same issues.


  2. Anton we had dramas today.
    We are aware of the issues with speed.
    Trying to address them at the moment.
    Basically it locked up this morning.
    So we’re onto and thanks for letting us know.
    Cheers, uge

  3. Loving this new look Uge, and soooo stoked that you went with WP. It’s killer. Aquabumps is looking better than ever – you guys have really nailed this redesign. Beautiful and usable. I love it. New email design is rockin’ too. Every relaunch has a few teething issues and I’m sure you’ll be over them soon… no big deal. Massive props to you and the team, you’ve all done a stellar job on this mate.

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