How good is this sunrise? Cracker...


Spectacular sunrise this morning with burning hues splashed all over the skies. The surf is less than spectacular as the swell drought continues…we’re in Feb and I don’t think we’ve had a crankin’ swell for 2009 yet! Feb brings hope, we always seem to get one booming swell in Feb…let’s hope it’s this weekend as something is cooking on Sat – keep it together until then.

Balloon Boy

Yesterday a guy tried to launch himself into the heavens strapped to a bunch of helium balloons. Unfortunately he didn’t have enough gas. Only at Bondi…

Google Earth Goes Underwater

(version 5.0)
Can you believe those propellers at Google Earth have just released the ability to fly under the surface of oceans and explore terrain. Good way to kill hours at work today (well…there is no surf)…good way to see what’s under those breaks we surf. download version 5

Ocean Swim – Malabar to Little Bay

Sunday 15th February 2009 is the Rainbow Club Ocean Swims (2.7 km) from Malabar to Little Bay. Entry is $30 and you can register online. All funds raised will benefit Rainbow Club Australia, a registered non-profit charity providing swimming and recreational activities for young people with disabilities. website

Not enough gas...couldn't lift off

Had to snap this one from bed.

Wave of the day - nothing much

Sunset romance

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  1. Hello!! How is everyone doing? I am a new member and I would like to introduce myself. My name Is BJ Penn and I am from Mdison USA.

    That is all for now. I am eager to interact with everyone one this forum!

  2. Yep Hannah, that’s my view. bought a place so I can detect good sunrises. I was a bit late out of bed so had to shoot from the apartment. have a good day, uge

  3. Balloon boy here – anyone interested in checking out more photos should visit

    We tried to pull this off for Cancer Council Australia’s new charity initiative promoting awareness for men’s cancers. Check out for more info if you’re keen!

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