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Swell has gone east and the winds are offshore (perfect). The sun is puttin’ out some bake and the 7:20am high tide is making fat burgers of any decent waves. You need to wait for low tide kids, there is way too much water wobbling around at sea. Low tide shall be at 1:20pm, so either side of low should be the best time for a wave. The swell looks like it’s going to hold up for today and the weekend. Dang.

The banks are dire at Bondi. Disastrous. So many places would have good waves – just not on our turf, so go for a drive, especially somewhere facing East. Same goes for tomorrow.

Bondi’s Perth Standlick has come a long way from his grom days on the shorey. How’s this footage of him pulling into a mean bat cave somewhere on a NSW beachie. Impressive. Watch Vid


The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm. You’ll find our swanky new joint at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach (in between a video shop and TAB – all you need for post-surf entertainment). Yeah it’s the joint where Sponors had loads of parties, where you probably wrote your name on the bathroom wall or got your car fixed years ago. No – we don’t have plans for our opening party – thanks for asking. more gallery info

Claire Norman out on her shortboard

Steve Alderman dropping into a nice little one in the middle

Trying to put some water on my port

Left in the middle, small.

4 thoughts on “Burgerworld

  1. Perth, I have some great photos of you wrapped in glad wrap, passed out at Bells. I am going to post these next week. Learn to hold your liquor little fella…

  2. dude… ripped

    i saw tama and bronte today and nearly cried because i have a gnarl ear infection and can’t surf… so devo

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