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So they’re calling Anzac day the best day of surfing in Sydney for 2009.Everywhere seemed to be firing and now you’re probably wondering where my shots are? Well…um…er…I ended up in Byron Bay…the only area of NSW that was an onshore mess that day…the first bad day in Byron for 6 weeks (locals up here are calling it the best 6 week swell marathon in 10 years). Apparently I was a couple of days late in missing out of double head high barrels along Belongil. Can’t always score. I’ll get my own back when I am in The Mentawais later this week.

Sydney’s winter temperatures are creeping in with a maximum of 19 degrees today whilst Byron boasts a summery 28 degrees – its just like summer up here! It’s amazing the difference that 759 kilometres north makes. Tallow’s had a small 1-2 foot wind wave – covered with people. I think most of the travellers have migrated from Bondi to the warmer temperatures of Byron.

Swell forecast for Sydney – A new south swell will arrive tonight and hang around all week (biggest on Wednesday). Great week of surfing – Bondi loves the south swell. ::uge

PS – ‘Cavvanbah’ was the aboriginal name for Byron bay pre-Captain Cook

Still summer conditions up here

The amazing backdrop of Byron Bay's hinterland.

Plenty of burnings up here too

Low tide kids

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  1. You should have been at Bronte this am. People pay thousands of bucks and travel around the world for that type of wave. Looked like perfect Bali reef. Huge, mega good crew out- awesome disply. Good enough to just sit in the water and watch.

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