This shot could from be anywhere...not a metro beach

Aquabumps Out-Of-Office

Thank you for your email.

I will be out of the office today as there is a lil’ 2-3 foot fun right hander in the middle of the beach at Bondi. The sunshine has also returned after a brief spit of rain overnight. Winds are a bonus SW (but will blow 20 knots later today when the clouds cover increases) – the time is nigh.

Should your email require urgent attention, please contact Mikala Wilbow at the Aquabumps Gallery on 9130 7788.

Kind regards, ::uge

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Swimmercams Rebecca Capper + Isabelle Pfaeffli

Wal blowing up on his back hand

Jono, finally a wave without Wal dropping in

Bubba, thowing his arms around like on the dancefloor

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