Big rogue bombs out the back

Rogue bombs

Rogue bombs are breaking out the back of Bondi this morning. I reckon some of those sets must be 8-9 foot. A lone wolf paddled out in the southern corner, only to return to shore moments later after getting slapped around. You’ve just got to be patient and wait until it calms down, which it will tomorrow. Until then, book yourself a holiday to Thailand – like that place.

On the weekend, Miss Bondi heat 2 was held at the Beach Road Hotel – you can see the shots here. Special thanks to our contributing photographers Steffen Burggraaf + Margit Selg.

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adios, ugios

And the Cocky says to the Kookaburra....

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Amazing beaches

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17 thoughts on “Rogue bombs

  1. I saw two Cockies picking on a Kookaburra a few weeks ago on Nott’s Avenue. Was very amusing to watch. My money would be on the Kooka in a 1:1 though.

  2. Top Shot Uge…………… My cent would be on the cocky … have you watched them eat through cement and bricks.. and anything else in their way.. methinks they must have crow (oops) bar beaks and necks.. But you have to love kooka’s composure !! Yeah? I was here 1st !!

  3. hi uge

    i go to the beach bout once a year (scared of sunburn and sand)
    but i LOVE getting your email everyday
    and that pic of the cocky and the kooka just made me write and say
    that is so cool (any photoshop there?)

    thanks for brightening my days

  4. Hi Uge

    What an amazing shot! If I stood there with a camera my whole life I wouldn’t get a shot like that.
    Did you take one frame or was it a series of shots? Is it possible to buy some of your shots for use as screen savers?



    1. Thanks Allen…
      shot 3 frames…not many.
      Bit of a fluke really. Was just pointing my camera in the right direction and got lucky.
      Sorry don’t sell them as screensavers.

  5. the cocky was saying:

    look in to my eyes, look into my eyes, not around the eyes, look into my eyes………..and your under!!!!

  6. speaking of things cocky…how is it possible that there is no “Mr Bondi”??? With all those puffed out chests prancing around Bondi, i’d love to see a few up on the catwalk! (great shots of the girls by the way Uge)
    : )

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