Andrzej Kowalski, quadraphonic curves


There is a little bump out there this morning…2 foot, sometimes a smidge bigger.

Conditions were clean, still and humid. 2 peaks on Bondi were packed with early morning frothers.

I saw some good ones, and a lot of not so good ones. Mostly weak and fat (burgers).

Something cookin’ on Monday wavewise…but looks onshore. Not much else…

Hawaiian update – Eddie ran yesterday and Greg Long won it. Now all eyes are on Pipe, but it’s a lumpy 10-15 foot along seven mile miracle so the organisers have called a lay day. (basically it’s too big for pipe)

Have a good day..26 degrees. ::oggie (that’s how the Swedish backpackers say my name around here)

Pama, the kid has improved ten fold this year

Storm clouds lurking

Toes on the nose

This is one of the good ones

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