Perth Standlick, making the most of a close out section


As forecasted the swell has jacked up and we’ve got 3-5 foot Bondi chunks. It looked a little junky early, but by far the biggest waves I’ve witnessed in some time. The swell origin is 187 degrees (DEAD SOUTH) so any beach not facing the source will be neglecting the full extent of this swell spike. The wind seems to be kinking around to the SE, but was SW this morning…and should settle in the NW later tonight. Summary – it’s good, not perfect and a bit messy but fun. Is it me or was everyone doing big airs today?

Buff boiz

You’ve probably noticed a guy called Dimitri hanging out at the outdoor gym at North Bondi. Yep, he’s the guy that’s always there in red speedos and must be related to Arnie…well the buff boys are well known for their rope training off Ben Buckler cliffs and they’ve made a calendar “ROPE FOR HOPE” to raise money for the orphans and HIV kids in South Africa (MaAkrika Tikkun).

Uge’s Garage Sale

I walked into my garage the other day and thought it’s a bit ridiculous how many boards I own. Let’s just say it’s getting above 20 and I’m not allowed to buy anymore until I get rid of some. I apologise for using Aquabumps daily to pump up my ebay surfboard auctions (see all), but hey, there’s gotta be some perks to getting up at sunrise every day for the past 11 years. Enough ramble – if you’re looking for a new board I have 6 on ebay…varying from small snubs to performance boards. Also threw in some B&B Italia dining chairs…Brand New Chilli 5’10” QF11 (used twice, rad Bondi board), Chilli 5’10” small wave board (used), Webber 6’1″ (used on 1 Mentawais tour, near new), Dahlberg 6″0″ Hollow Epoxy Salomon S-core, 6’0″ Element – oldie but a goodie, 5’10” Psilakis Snub Vector/Fishy small wave hot rod…bid away – go nuts!

Swimmercam, Linda Maclean

Justin Barnwell, mid rotation

Wal...nice one Wal...good boost.

Justin Barnwell, punting high for a small wave

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