Mal slider, loving the left wedge in the corner


I was surprised to see a little left wedge puttin’ on some fun rides down at Bondi this morning. It’s the leftovers from that booming south swell that hit last Friday…. today is very surfable considering the charts said it was going to be flat…but then again those same charts said it was going to be 6 foot last Friday – and some peeps calling it 12 foot solid.

It was an uncommon warm winter’s morning, sun soaked and 18 degrees now. The problem is the westerlies will howl 30 knots today…that will destroy any swell energy left. Fortunately another…yes another south arrives tomorrow – good times my friends…good times. How good was Bondi on Saturday!


Golden light as the dudes paddle out

Mickey backdooring a slab

Why would you live anywhere else?

Ben Lucas, loving those corner bumps

6 thoughts on “Salubrious

  1. Glad you up-ed your size report of Friday to 12ft.That was way more than 8ft
    no matter how you measure it. Personally I would say the sets were 15ft
    but then wave height is a strange beast -it takes forever to get to 20ft and then in a blink
    its 60ft+ 🙂

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