A monster tearing up the bay. Thick.

Friday the 13th

The swell has come up and surpassed all of our expectations – it’s huge! Seeing it’s coming from the dead south Bondi is wearing the full brunt of this new ground swell. I saw sets up in the 8-9 foot range closing out the whole bay. Quite exciting really. I love how big waves stop everyone in their tracks…cars pull over, jaws drops, cameras firing as monsters roll into Bondi.

No one out and I don’t suggest surfing unless a) your name is Raimana and you grew up at Teahupoo b) have a ski, cause you probably won’t even make it into the line-up seeing it’s breaking all over the place. Somewhere outside of the eastern suburbs is going off right now…

Tomorrow on the other hand is a different story as this swell is only in town for 24hrs and should return to 3-4 foot manageable surf tomorrow.

Fine weather all weekend, come see the Aquabumps gallery if you’re sick of looking at these little web optimised small pics and want to see them blown up large and framed. You’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi beach (right behind the old Bondi Hotel just up from Thai Terrific). Still lost? We’re open all weekend 10am to 6pm.

Water is cold today, good thing Jules at Surfection Mosman is having another wetsuit sale this week.

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The boys, no one keen.

A pluming bomb set

Sets rolling into the 2 bays

Elle on her way to work, Barister at the Organics

8 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Hey Uge will the surf be on in the harbour round Vaucluse when its like this? I have seen your snaps from a past session there

    Grew up in London and not quite ready for this but keen for a paddle this weekend!

  2. Cheers Uge…makes sense!

    Keep up the good work…I love your pictures and always look forward to your email to enjoy it with a cup of tea and a biscuit

  3. This was the best birthday pressie i could have wished for! Mother nature swelling a HELL YEAH on my once-in-seven-year Friday 13th Birthday! My name aint STORMY fer nuthin! (and a big hoorah for the two renegades surfing Nth Bondi rocks that day too, that thare me MEN out thare!)

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