T-Whits, loving the chunks rolling in

One Hit Wonder

Bit like a Britney Spears one hit wonder, the swell came and gone within 24hrs. Yesterday afternoon was smoking. Smoking. Around 2pm I drove around the eastern suburbs beaches and swell was stacked up to the horizon, breaking clean in offshore winds….ah yes… hell the sunshine was even out. Hope you managed to get out there.

Today Maroubra was tiny after the wind knocked the energy out of it. 1-2 footers with thick grey skies…and the water was freezing. Quite a drop in recent days. Today is the last of this NE swell, dead south swell returns to Bondi tomorrow – and hits strong, I am talking 14 second/5-7 footers with hoooooowwling SW winds (30 knots) – fresh from the snow fields. It will be super cold one tomorrow morning.

Ok. Enough ramble, later Ugio

Well groomed bowl

Lines stacked, waiting to break

Closeout hack

Bit fat, small (2ft). Not a patch on yesterday

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