Karlos Page, loves a set out the back.

s w i t c h

The swell direction has flipped over to the NE and other breaks are showing promise. Bondi neglects the north swell so it was 2-3 foot but much cleaner than the Maroubra which was 3-4 foot, but a bit wobbly.

Winds are offshore all day – ah yes, a good day for surfing. High tide 9am, low tide 3pm. Those clouds are retreating as I write – sunshine coming our way – hooray.

They’ve recently abolished the Fijian reef rights and Cloud break is packed. The debate continues on our website about Fijian reef rights – a good thing or a bad thing?  Read on honks

later, uge

Sam Cockle, fine tuning his (much talked about ) tube skills

Nice bowly one, ready to hack

Karlos Page, weaving under a collapsing lip

Pipe in the middle, this guy just paddle out 1st wave

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