Shorey slab

Rock love

Aloha. A very uninspiring morning down at Bondi today. Only one guy out, Mr. Enthusiasm Benny Back Door Lucas. He actually got 1 decent wave in the 15 minutes that he was out there. Spent the rest of the time drifting around. I dug around in my camera bag, looking for lenses I haven’t shot with in a while, trying to spice up the onshore greyness – but no success. Everything I shot, well, looked pretty drab. Seeing the Hawaiian winter surfing season has kicked off I thought I’d show some frames taken from my trip this year that hadn’t made it onto the site yet. Love the rock.

Not much else to talk about today. Oh, 1 more thing, in our recent survey we noticed that 64% of our readership is male. So here is the round 1 of Miss Bondi 2010 for that 64%…or have a look at this amazing idea from Rip Curl – it’s a shoot in the Sunway Lagoon Wave pool (Malaysia) with 52 Canon cameras in a line. Why? The Matrix 3d shift effect on aerials from Owen Wright, Fanning, Steph…hot!

Christmas is only weeks away. If you’re like me and not a fan of the big malls at this time of year, shop online with us. Books are available and artwork orders need to be in REAL soon to make a xmas deadline. If you’re overseas you’ll need to be all over it! Chop chop! Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW T 9130 7788. We’re open every day until Xmas (yes, today!)

Good bye. Let’s hope when the swell comes up later today we’ve got something to play with ::uge

Tearing the bag out of it.

Rude head

Andrew G dropping in for Christmas shopping in the gallery

Mr Enthusiam, Ben Lucas. Wave of the day

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