A big set does its thing


Hiya. Looks like you’ve got a hot week back home in Bondi. Nothing much under the thirties. Hit the beach and cool off for sure.

Over here in Hawaii the swells keep coming. See it’s winter in the northern hemisphere and raging storms in between Alaska and Russia push down a whole pile of solid swell. Hawaii is the first land mass for these swells to hit and seeing the islands stand tall out of the Pacific (being volcanic) – there’s nothing slowing them down before they hit the shores. Surfing here can be 3-4 foot with 8 foot sets. That’ll keep you on your toes. The power of Hawaiian waves are ten times what they are back home. (if not more)

Springcourt Sale

My old buddies at Springcourt are having a shoe sale. I have many pairs and can’t get over how comfortable they are. Get some new wheels this week

Have a good day, uge

PS – Have you ordered online one of our Aquabumps books yet? Hope so. We even got a write up in March Issue of Harper’s Baazar (with Kidman on the cover).

Gotta love this place...it's been like this everyday

Aloha brah.


Morning grind.


Whales going crazy out the back

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