Phil 'Deadly' Leadly inside


Well hasn’t it been a good week. 4 days in a row of offshores and decent swell. This morning it was still on – even barrels in our area, but a lingering south change will put an end to proceedings. It’s gonna blow – 30 knots.

Barrels, big monster barrels, Kelly, Taj…if only it could be like this every week. Now it’s time to get back to work, mow the lawn, go shopping with the lady friend and score brownie points…hang on… another brand new south swell hitting tomorrow? Yes… Saturday to Tuesday will have plenty… fill ya boots up.

Our Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend, 10am to 6pm and you’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. Come and have a look…

Enough ramble, uge

Another shooter

Lip throw

Murph, chasing a close out

The benefits of a shallow bank

Such a nice morning

Pat Gudauskas, what a week it's been

10 thoughts on “Inside

  1. That first shot of deadly is sick – well done Phil – i haven’t seen you in the surf for ages and then look what pops up!!! The man know’s exactly what to do with a sucky bowl section – on auto pilot.
    Stoked – this is one of the best locally captured aqua bumps moments i have seen. Congrats.

  2. Hey Garrick, yeah I agree…Deadly paddled out and this was his first wave…cracker. He sat just in the right spot…nailed it.

  3. Yo Uge,

    More gold bud. WA has had a few good days too. Me mate got good Bears yesterday and its 36 degrees over here as well.

    That lip throw shot is rad man. If only we could get backlit offshore barrels over here I would be shooting everyday, anyway back to reality, kids, business hope to see some WA Uge some time soon???


  4. Love ur work Uge! The swell this week has been nothing short of amazing an you managed to capture it all. I’ve inspired an pumped all week. Felt like a kid again.

  5. Don’t worry Gerry, I’m sure Deadley will be in contact with you over in WA to tell you all about his barrell even if you dont know him!!!! Ha Ha….

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