Morning cloudy light

Brand New Week

After last week I was getting acclimatised to shooting perfect waves, big gaping wide open monster barrels, sunshine, Kelly, Taj, Mark Matthews etc. Now this morning…shooting empty, grey Bondi just didn’t cut the mustard. Looks like everyone’s filled their wave quota up on last week – no one around…also there’s a tinge of winter claws in the morning air. It’s currently 3 foot and dropping. The forecast for this week is nothing special, mostly sub 3 footers. uge

Julia on morning wobbly glass

Christian going right this time



The 'Hoff' training group

Mark Matthews, pit stall

7 thoughts on “Brand New Week

  1. Hi Uge,

    Trying to learn about aperture and depth of field. I am borrowing a Canon 450d with the standard lens that it comes with. What aperture setting do you use, and with what lens to get that really strong depth of field in many of your portraits in Bondi? Also how do you give the effect that the people on the beach are “small”. I’m sure you know what i mean..

    Would love to get a reply from you


    Eden Grill

  2. Pretty big questions there and I am no good at teaching. (still learning myself)

    advice – pick up camera and play with it. you will figure 95% of your questions out. (that’s what I did, I have no traning)

    Hit google. it has everything….every answer to anything…research. if you get stuck on something specific I may be able to help (get a lot of requests though so be patient).

    are you Bear’s brother?

  3. Hahaha unfortunately not. I’ve spoken to you before at the gallery.

    Check out

    Some of my works..

    Been into film photography for a while, especially photographing northside of the beach

    Would love some feedback

  4. The smaller the number on your aperture setting 2.8 the more blurry the background or better bokeh. The shutter opens up more, “wide open” is the phrase. It allows more light in so you can shoot with faster speed, sports photography and such.

    When the number gets bigger say 8.0 the shutter doesn’t open up as much. Which will give you a greater focus range, good for shooting people in front of landscapes. Then everything will be in focus.

  5. less to get strong depth of field – look for lenses with aperture like f2.8, f1.8, f1.4 e.g. 85mm f1.4
    shooting with low aperture will give you the effect you are looking for. Sharper faces extremly blurred background

    effect people get small – several ways to achieve this: getting a tilt shift lens, doing in PS, lensbaby might be an option as well. in general look in the internet for tilt-shift effect

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