El Closeout

Ghost town

When it rains around here, Bondi is like a ghost town. When it pours, you can park where you want, surf any peak without a mini mal clocking you in the head and drink up a fresh batch of rain-runoff diuretic. It poured this morning so most stayed tucked up in the rack. 3-4 footers couldn’t even entice most regulars. I dragged down my old mate, Gez, who always has plenty of spare time for 5 waves. This is what happened. Some nice closeouts on offer on the low, which should improve on the high. High tide 6:30pm, low tide 12:20pm.

The End.


MW Gez, lip tickle

Not much traffic on the broadwalk

Big Gezza Blake, the fireman

Richie Vass from the Bra with a dislocated arm

Sam Macintosh, crowd pleaser

Not a drop out of place

10 thoughts on “Ghost town

  1. Good to see the segment on the ‘Sunrise’ show this morning…nice to see the rest of Australia is finally figuring out what we have known for years….you’re a bloody legend!! Keep up the great work mate!!

  2. saw your segment on ‘Sunrise’ this morning, love your site….love your work …fantastic shots, what a beautiful place to live!
    Thank you

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