Mornin’… and what a good morning. Clear skies, little or no wind and 3 footers heading in from the East. The 6:30am (1.5m) high tide put wobbly fat bits into any moving body of water…so best surf it mid to low today. (low tide is 1pm) The water is ridiculously warm. My guess is 23 degrees. Definitely still boardies only – why so many dudes in steamers out?

Tomorrow the swell gets bigger and comes from the south (after a midnight south change hits). Damn flanking southerly winds will follow.

When I was 9 I bought my first camera at a garage sale in my local hood. I think it cost a buck and took real bad photos. Well, a bunch of smart people have got together and organised this thing called the Garage Sale Trail. Instead of having garage sales on lonely Sundays on your own selling 1 buck, the whole of Australia goes on a garage sale binge all at the same time. Good news for you bargain hunters…fill the ute up. When? Sunday April 10 Where? Check the map

Aquabumps was on Sunrise Program this morning (Ch7). If you missed it, you can view online it here.

Have a nice day :: uge

I dug out some shots taken from Australia Day 2011 down at Bondi. Remember when we a creepy day fog seeped into the bay? Odd.

Fine morning, warm water, boardies only

Foam chaser

Here it comes around south bondi

Where's me thong?

Odd fog, crept into the bay

Fog Boost

15 thoughts on “submerge

  1. Uge,

    I’ve been tracking your fantastic shots for probably 10+ years now and finally got a glimpse of what you look like on the Sunrise programme. Keep it up buddy, somehow keeps me sane.



  2. Hey Uge,

    Saw you on Sunrise this morning and decided to check out the website. Your photos are absolutely unreal! You seem to capture moments and angles that everybody misses… which is what i love about photography. Would be awesome if i could take photos as good as yours!

    Can’t wait for the emails in the morning 🙂


  3. Hi there,
    Just saw you on the news – from this morning’s show I missed. LOVE your shots and think they will be a very uplifting way to start my day.

  4. Amazing and inspirational photos of a beautiful Sydney beach which unfortunately I avoid due to the large numbers of tourists…much appreciated! THANKS Eugene

  5. Hi

    I saw you on the today show just loved the photos, Im originally from bondi beach, havent been back for over 15years, keep up the beautiful work. I also briefly saw some bird photos as well? if so what photos do you have and do you sell these and if so how could i see them and purchase?


  6. Wow! Eugene, you have one me, about to depart overseas for a time, so every day I can check in to see how Sydney town is, amazing photography, thankyou…Lorraine

  7. I am setting this up for my Husband, in hope 2 Inspire each day!
    Keep this Fabulous Photography coming

    Julia n Perth
    Maybe a trip 2 Perth 1 day for some Shots of Cottesloe?

    Thank you Urg….

  8. the shots that we saw on TV this morning were awesome…’s fantastic to see such beautiful things through someone else’s eyes. I especially love the clouds… lots of those types of shots myself (although not a shadow on yours)….there’s something extra special about the clouds spesh at dawn and dusk.

  9. Absolute beautiful shots………….looked deep into your web site pictures and even your nude shots are classy – why don’t you advertise more widely – am sure millions more people would love to know your work. Thank you for going on Sunrise or wouldn’t of known. Well done Uge………..keep it up.

  10. Very inspired by your appearance on Sunrise and even more inspired by your website. We live in the bush in WA 3 hours from Perth,so consequenly only get to take photos of sunrise and other country photos, so can’t wait to go to the beach in Perth this weekend to try and capture a few beach scenes. I am only a beginner in photography. Would love to receive your emails. Thanks again Eugene for the wonderful photos.

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