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Some dayz

Some days it’s quite hard to come up with 7 entertaining images for this blog. Today is one of THOSE days.

There was no sunrise this morning as clouds’n’rain smothered the 1st light. Intermittent rain can also make it tricky to shoot – it pays to have the sanctuary of your car close by. The bad weather also scares off most morning people, so the line-up is empty…no one really jogging or doing much. Ok I lie, a guy is fishing.

A good day to be indoors, and do some work from that office cubicle. Be good now.

:: uge

PS – we managed to crack a story on Channel 7 sunrise and news last night. There’s a whole heap of new people reading today…WELCOME. Lets hope there’s some colour for tomorrow’s sunrise.

Flock of birds looking for fish

Waiting for the showers to pass, keep cameras dry

The guy fishing

You'd be a keen surfer to paddle out now

Bumpy chunk

Birdie, I found where you parked the car on sat. night

20 thoughts on “Some dayz

  1. Uge, I dont’ think you should be so negative about the day. I really like some of these, obviously inspired by the lack of the ‘usual’. Particularly the first three. Whilst is great to see wave after wave after wave its even better to have an ‘off’ day showing the finer details of bondi…. well maybe not the bomb.

  2. love the car park shot, found my car half way up a sand dune one morning after reporting it stolen the night before, I won’t say who left it on the sand dune…;-)

  3. Uge
    i liked todays different perspective.
    The fisherman reminded me of a conversation on the beach one evening.
    If you see him again, ask the fisherman with the yellow raincoat about Bondi’s evolving fish ecosystems, and how it relates to what has happened on the far south Coast fishery. He has a good story.
    More fish means more birds & more predators.

  4. Hi Uge, I just discovered you thanks to the TV segment – WOW! Your photos are amazing, and as a budding photographer, I’m really inspired. A trip to your gallery is now on my list of things to do next time I visit Sydney!

  5. For me the ute shot is one my favourite shots that you have taken….dont know why, just is

    Good work Uge!!

  6. I like that UTE shot as well. Not sure why really. simple shot. Took it whilst driving to work. It just seemed to be parked in the right spot on the road so you can still see Ben Buckler. Sometimes overcast days just put out this beautiful even light that makes shots like this work well…kinda like an old shot. uge

  7. cheer up uge, – perfect light conditions for that shot of the grey ute! Stunning, made my day here in Saigon!


  8. Hi Uge,
    I am one of those people who have just discovered you thanks to Sunrise – absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  9. Gidday from N.Z.
    You were on our morning show today so have signed up to see some amazing snaps of my homeland, makes me feel closer to everyone there..thanks.

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