'Pop' - Robin Austin pullin' a wheelie in telling skies


You can see it in the clouds that something’s coming… the calm before the storm…

All quiet down the beach this morning. Waves were small, 1 foot with a freak 2 footer every 20 minutes worth riding. Plenty of sunshine – soak it up as tomorrow looks wet and hell windy. The swell will pick up to 3 foot this afternoon with the approaching stormy conditions (but the winds will swing Southerly).

This new approaching swell looks quite big. Wax up the bigger boards.

:: uge

Good morning!

Local school boy, Robin Austin

Looks like a south coast beach line up

Like these...just 2 foot bigger would be nice

Morning shift in golden light

Not Robin (again)

3 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Hey Uge I heard that you are featured in a short film thing called Slashies. Do you know where I can see it or are you going to put it up on your site at all? Thanks mate

    1. Hi Andy, yes, I am …they filmed for a month…and I’ve only seen a preview. I like it. But it’s not public yet – soon. uge

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