Calm morning with stormy skies


It started out to be a cloudy, stormy morning. Bondi barely had a wave as the swell direction has flipped more to the East. Only hours later the sun is out bakin’ and there’s a 1-2 foot wave at East exposed beaches. It’s going to be like this for the next few days before a beefy south swell hits on Thursday…summary : work now, surf later in the week.

Also – the Gallery is open today 10am to 6pm, 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach t:91307788 + if you have a iPhone download our free app…it’s been refined (slightly) and you can check out the daily reports whilst on the train, carpark + bed. We’ve still got Aquabumps Books left, a small pile > Buy Online <

Have a nice day :: uge


Wal on his way over to Bronte

Rock hop

Drew Metcalf

Old building complete with backpackers van out front

Swell like this should be rolling up later this week

3 thoughts on “contrasts

  1. The Warner’s house looks just like my Uncle Barry Manstead and his son Paul Manstead’s house on Lamrock Avenue – Paul was a big surfer back in the day and would paddle from Bondi to Maroubra

  2. whats the deal with that pool? the swell just rolls in and fills it up? thats pretty cool we don’t have anything like that in Florida… someone ever put a shark in there for the lulz?

    I really like that T-Bay tilt shift

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