Ian Wallace, swaddled


Last weekend was a great one for surfers. Solid swell on both days – if only it could be that good all the time.

As predicted the swell has backed off this morning, but there are still super fun 3 footers. I don’t think it will hang around for long…dwindling fast.

Tomorrow will be small again before, yep, another SE swell arrives. Nothing big, which best suits the Eastern suburbs banks.

Its 11 degrees right now, top of 19 and mostly sunny. Enjoy today as tomorrow will have rain.

Seeya :: uge

PS – just got back from the beach, 2nd shoot. Taj Burrow, Craig Ando, Sam Mac and Otis Carey all shredding Bondi around 11am. See pics on our Facebook page

Winter dip

Andrew Harris deep in a mini tube

Bronte Pool Shine

Green wall highlights

Wal...committed turn

The rights were closing out this morning

10 thoughts on “Swaddled

  1. Your daily emails and fantastic photography provides me with the sanity needed to commute from Adelaide (no surf to speak of) to Brisbane (on a good day – you get some). Love your work.


  2. Recently had surgery on my ankle and am forced out of the water for at least 4 months. With this in mind, I would greatly appreciate you making the morning posts as uninviting as possible as I am dying a slow death watching this everyday….Cheers mate!!!

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