Pod of dolphins chasing the surfers to the beach


C’mon, you didn’t think I was going to make a film every day did ya? Thanks for all your feedback. Learnt a lot yesterday and will work on the vids.

I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but what a nice morning, sunshine and 3 footers. A huge pod of dolphins rammed the bay catching a few waves on the south bank – was quite sumpin’. Think it freaked out a few of the morning surfers.

The bank of banks is still producing. A 6:30am high tide put a lot of fat into those walls – so it was cutback central. Mid to low tide should improve conditions.

South change arriving later today. Could be a late shower and winds will swing onshore. Another ground swell will arrive tomorrow, but it’s flanked with the wrong winds.

The Blackhorse Foundation are holding a fundraiser for SurfAid, Redkite and Heartkids on Fri 12 Aug 2011 Upstairs at the Empire Hotel, 32 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross. 9pm til late. $25 pre booked pshaw@bos.com.au or $30 on the door


:: Eugene (yes, like the hurricane)

Could Jono get any more good waves this week?

Corporate cowboys, Paul Borrud and Nick Healey

Blimey, gotta remember my deodorant



Morning chaos

16 thoughts on “POD

  1. Eug – just caught up with the film from yesterday
    Mate you were born for this – as a first effort I was stunned at just how good the cinematography was. Great photography don’t necessarily extend to shooting footage – but in your case it clearly does.
    Can’t wait to see more


  2. After reading your intro to today’s email I was keen to see photos of the Dolphins……..shame non were included. However did still enjoy the days shots and loved the video yesterday. Great work!

  3. Was way toooo quick in my review and missed the main photo….dolphins included………surely a Drrr moment 🙂

  4. Where have all these rude surfers come from? pretty sure they are not Bondi Locals. Even the dolphins were getting dropped in on.

  5. Bondi 7:30am | Morning chaos is two years I’m living and surfing in bondi i’m not a local 😉 but i’m the one been dropped in the picture..i just watch the guy in front of me… that’s it ….. peace and respect less drop early in the morning 🙂 and more woman for everybody. because bondi is bondi.. cheers E

  6. Barry….just trying to clarify it. The lineup this week has been crazy, like people have been let out of a zoo. ‘Bondi is Bondi’ comment still doesn’t mean its acceptable to intentionally drop in other surfers and think oh its alright it’s Bondi. People have been paddling around thinking they own the joint, it seems to be a lot worse this week, which makes me think guys have come in from other beaches with an attitude of I don’t care.

    Apologises not offending just tired of it, makes surfing a chore and not a pleasure

  7. I know the line up has been crazy …. I just say “bondi is bondi” because I know if you surf in bondi you need patience…. you can see the photo.
    I don’t want make a statement …. and I don’t think oh its all right in Bondi… but I will not start to fight at 6.30 in the morning is not my lifestyle.
    So I think is always a personal choice respect the other surfers in the water and don’t drop.

    D… i know my English is terrible I will improve …:-)

    I’m not offended by your comment and I hope in a good swell for the weekend.

    Cheers E

  8. The waves have be soo good lately.
    That always brings a crowd.
    At Bondi that means a HUGE crowd. (cause it’s a city beach – with loads of people near it)
    With such a big crowd comes chaos. Always.
    This happens anywhere in the world. You shoudl see Bali these days.
    I’ve seen more locals surfing lately than ever.
    They all paddle out when the waves are on.
    They know a good bank.
    Oh yes, and we’ve had plenty of visitors.
    That’s cool too. This week no other beaches broke well in the east. that’s 1 bank for thousands of surfers.
    I find you just need to paddle out with a good attitude, and you’ll have fun out there.
    I expect someone to drop in on at least 1 of my 3 waves.
    If you go out thinking like that – you won’t get dissappointed.
    Also – paddling out between 7-8am is like crossing the harbour bridge at peak hour saying why are there so many cars and you’re sitting in a gridlock…

  9. I’ve only been in Bondi a few weeks visiting family. What a life you lot have, the only down side seems to be the playground mentality. No one owns a wave but mother nature. Be respectful to each other, follow the rules and keep smiling, after all you have a lot to smile about 🙂 

  10. Uge – your dolphin shots blew me away – thank you!
    I had the most awesome time swimming around with them yesterday in Bondi bay about 200 metres out from Icebergs and it was incredible – your pics give me a beautiful reminder (I wish I had a camera out there with me!)
    Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful pics – I have the same photography addiction as you 🙂

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