Hawaii, North Shore of Oahu, square

7 mile…

Kinda strange day over here in Hawaii on the golden 7 mile stretch called the North Shore. Not many people around…

Odd south wind seems to be hanging around, swell dropped a lot overnight (still 4-5 foot). Skies are grey and rain looks like it’s on the cards.

The North Shore Surf Shop Pro Jnr has kicked off today with 100 under 21s shredding sunset. Only 1 Australian in the event – Volcom’s Jordy Lawler.

Back in Sydney the swell has just kicked in from the ENE, 2-4 foot and sunny – now that sounds like it’s time to play hookie and skip work.

Adios :: ugios

Even if you don't surf, you still check the waves here every day...just do.

You see this in every carpark on the North Shore

Good use of broken board

V-land, packed as usual


No full briefs on this island...

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