Ehuaki Beach Park, Hawaii - World No.6 Coco Ho rippin'



The swell dropped another gear and a small windswell is in town here in Hawaii. Sounds similar to Sydney. It’s only 2-3 foot and the beach parks are a wash with major surfing talent. Everywhere you look… airs, hacks, cutties, reverses…The girls rip over here. Check out Coco Ho, niece of famous Derek Ho and ranked 6th in the world last year…Jez Flores (no.15 in the world) was throwing out some heat also in front of our shack.

Have a good day, :: uge

Everyone surfs here - everyone. There is no other sport.

Ehukai Beach Park, Jez Florez frontside laid back finner

Coco Ho, just around the corner from her home at Sunset

Pipeline, Hawaii. Hows the backdrop...

Ehukai, freight training on the mal

Ehuaki Beach Park, Jeremy Flores gettin' loose

13 thoughts on “Ehukai

      1. hahaha. we got kicked out of the mauian for being too rowdy! We weren’t even that bad. bloody aussies… It was actually the canadian contingent in our party that was the worst!

    1. Hawke…I know a guy in Maui, he’s a windsurfer, who has accomodations in Paia (Hana Highway – very close to Jaws). are u interested ?

    1. Pipe has been cranking.

      Last week they ran the comp 3 days – so can’t paddle out.

      This week it’s had 60+ guys from sunrise to sunset. Not my cup of tea.

      Its the busiest surfbreak I know of.

      So no, happy with the 12 other breaks off to the north of pipe – they are super fun

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