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Swimming at Pipe is one of my favourite things to do here. Even if you don’t surf or shoot, I recommend buying a pair of fins (Vipers or Da Fins) and swimming out into the lineup. It’s an amazing experience. You will see waves and surfing that will blow your mind. Banzai Pipeline from the water is so much more dramatic than just standing on the beach. The swells roll in from the west north west, hitting a ledge then throwing incredibly wide – hopefully over your head.

Last night Pipe was smoking. The people that know were calling it the best in 5 years. It was 8 foot with 10 foot sets. 2nd reef had a few wash thru’s that kept you on your toes. It was glassy and the competition finally finished at 4pm– allowing 70 crew to paddle out with 8 photogs sitting in the channel (no one opted to shoot fisheye – bit dodgey).

Oh, by the way…only swim out if you are a decent swimmer. The water movements are intense and you may get swept away. Enjoy the photos…those barrels looked so much bigger when I was out there!

Adios :: uge

P.S. The Volcom Pipe Pro continues today…check it live.

Pipe sunset colours

Stand tall brother...

Pipeline, Hawaii. Big set bum grind

Boogs late drop

About now you want to start puttin' the pedal down...

Splitting the peak at Pipeline...Going back door at 8 foot takes skill

22 thoughts on “Swim

  1. Beautiful, beautiful magic-hour shots and yes, it’s amazing how much more intense an 8′ wave feels when it’s grinding across a reef towards you than when it’s frozen in a 6″x 4″ frame on your laptop. That’s one serious peak.

  2. Great shot Uge – loving ’em. How about posting some photos of you taking off on those Pipeline waves? That’s what we want to see please. :o)

  3. What is the deal with the photographer hierarchy?? Has anyone said anything to you if you try to creep up in front?

    Also, what is the deal with shooting fisheye? Did the photographers opt not to or do the surfers not let them/only let certain photogs get in the impact zone?

    If you wanted to… could you get right in the impact zone with your fisheye or would you catch some flak for doing that as a relative unknown to most of the guys out there?

    1. They are so cool in the water here amongst Photographers. I didn’t shoot much fisheye…

      a) that means you’re in everyone’s shots as you have to be 3 feet away

      b) it’s kinda boring shooting fisheye as it’s been down for decades

      But all in all, be considerate and it will be ok. Think you own the joint – I am sure you’ll pay. The Hawaiians are big on etiquette.

  4. Hey Uge!
    Chris Jones’s Bro, from bronte!, mate these shots are amazing! The Plumes mixing with the crazy cloud formations…yeah wicked!


    Dylan from Bronte, Sydney, Australia

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