Bondi morning rainbow

Highly Motivated People

Days like these are for the extremely motivated and over enthusiastic.

You’d need to be in order to peel yourself out of bed, wax up and paddle out there.

2 keen individuals surfed South Bondi this morning. I can’t say they got epic waves as it’s junkie, again, and onshore with plenty of rain ‘n’ gloomy skies.

For the 3rd day in a row the beach is deserted, ok, yep, there were some bodysurfers in the middle who arc up every time I say no one around. You dudes are very hard core.

Hope the surf improves tomorrow with SW winds. It will still be raining. Mostly sunny on Sunday.

Next week the surf looks very small…

Seeya :: uge

Oh'd have to be VERY keen


Should've gone left not right

Bondi 8am, look closely...someone in that wonky barrel

Wet Edges

You'd think its middle of summer (not 6 degrees)

11 thoughts on “Highly Motivated People

  1. what is with gronks going right when it is a left. they must be from the goldy. people were doing it all weekend at tama. how good is that tunnel!!

  2. Beautiful shots! Makes me realize how much I miss Bondi … Perth just isn’t quite the same (at all).

  3. We were out just before this at middle beach. Was pretty messy, but its just nice being out at Bondi without a thousand people. I’ll take average surf and less crowds any day!

  4. that “Should’ve gone left not right” picture is so perfect, i sometimes wonder if the close up layer wasnt added with photoshop!
    great work!

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