Taking the drop


These are the days that best favour Bondi. The swell is tiny and not many places would have anything breaking at all. Bondi, a swell magnet in south swell, this morning had fun waist to (a lil’ guys) chest high waves. Not many out and plenty of sunshine after 7am.

5 things you should know about the week ahead:

1. All week the surf is going to be small with no significant winter swells due
2. Wednesday and Friday may have a wave around shoulder high – suits Bondi. These days are the biggest of the week – but it’s not gonna be cranking
3. It’s going to rain on Friday
4. You can buy tickets to an acoustic evening with Ben Harper from today here
5. This weekend is perfectly sunny, a good one to book a weekend out of town

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Have a good day, go outside :: uge

Bondi 7am, middle rights, gold

Remember this guy? Jono the Mad Professor

Bondi 7:00am, golden dance

Derek Rielly surfing on one of his kid's surfboards

Bondi 7am, good morning light today

Bondi 6:45am Bayvision

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