The painted hues above Ben Buckler this morning

Living Colour

A really nice morning without surf. Plenty of colour over The Buckler around 6:40am.

As forecasted, the swell is tiny and gathering around your knee caps. Forget surfing. It’s also going to rain later today, so enjoy the winter sun right now.

Waves will be bigger tomorrow from a new choppy ENE swell. I suspect it will be weak and suited to beaches other than Bondi. Thursday onwards looks flat as…

There seems to be plenty of lawyers that read Aquabumps! We have around 30 IP Legal Eagles that responded to our request yesterday. Thanks.

If you want to see Ben Harper at the Opera House, the secret password to get in early is DIAMONDS.

Later :: uge

A good start to the day...Tamarama


South Bondi Rock Reflections

Icebergs before the sun came up

3 thoughts on “Living Colour

  1. Awesome shots! One of my favourite Aquabumps editions ever. That shot with the rocks and the satin water is superb!

  2. ONe of my favorite pics yet! The painted hues over Ben Buckler 🙂
    Love your photos…always look forward to seeing them

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