Wind swell

Feels kinda warm doesn’t it? (Max 20 today) Those northerly winds consistently bring warmer temps that’s for sure. Lap it up.

Last night a storm hit, the wind blew and the car got a free wash. By sunrise it had blown away leaving shoulder high wind waves, best surfed over the hill at East facing beaches.

Enjoy today as she’s gonna rain tomorrow. This wind swell will evaporate tonight and tomorrow will be back to knee cappers. Friday will see another ENE wind swell (waist high), which will be smaller than today.

I just checked the 14 day forecasts, maybe something happening next Tuesday – but nothing significant you need to know about right now.

Seeyouse :: uge

Shameless fading

The sun is out, for now, soak it up

T-Bay 8:10am, lefts that go no where

All done for the day

T-Bay 8am, Racey lefts

T-Bay, wobbly lefts

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