Bondi, SUP'ing out to sea



It’s another nice morning. Kinda freaky with warmer temps as the wind blows from the North, which is uncharacteristic of this time of year.

The flimsy ENE swell is still here in town, but its weak and on the decline. I saw ‘waves’ at Bronte around waist high and Bondi has something dribbling in the south end.

I can safely say that the next 4 days are going to be real real small and Northerly winds. Real small. So today is your best option to take the log out for a while.


Double Colon Uge

Cool skies, Bronte

Taken a lot of photos of this place, Bondi

Bronte wobbles

This is how it all started this morning around 7am

The Bondi dribbler

Daddy day care, Damo and jnr Pezaro

4 thoughts on “Flimsyville

  1. Double Colon Uge – wow, have you got 2 stomachs?! So does that make ewe halfa sheep and hence the affinity with NZ?

    Beautiful colours this morning!

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