Dead Calm, Bronte 7:30am


All quiet’n’calm down the beach this morning.

A small wave limped into Bronte, super weak and not really worth it in my mind.

Bondi had knee to waist high dribblers. Handful of loggers out cruising.

Unfortunately for the weekend it’s going to remain tiny, ankle to knee high.

The next swell is due Tuesday where you should be riding something above your head. It’s going to a be a south swell too – which best suits Bondi.

Julian at Surfection Mosman is having a sale this weekend. 50% off sealed steamers – best get one for the morning chill!

Adios :: uge

Bronte, wrong way buddy

Sunrise swim, Bondi 7am

Warm up, Bondi

Bronte morning rituals

Ghost path

Fishos right

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