Thursdays, pool cleaning day

Ghost Town

The conditions are all wrong for us around here…there is plenty of swell, Bondi waves broke around head to head’n’half – but it’s a junkyard. The banks can’t handle the size. I didn’t see a single person surfing from North Bondi to Bronte. That’s sayin’ sumpin’. In fact I reckon I saw 2-3 humans all morning…

If you must surf…I’d go to north east facing beaches, something over north side which is protected from the winds and the brunt of the swell.

Tomorrow and Saturday look better. Ankle biters on Sunday and Monday.

Man it’s been cold in the mornings. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the tropics this year…

:: uge

Birds at play

Bondi, left chunk

Skanky water



Break wall

4 thoughts on “Ghost Town

  1. yip north side was fun this morning as you suggest Uge, not many around whcih is always a bonus in sydney

  2. Mate, I was out in the middle with the hardboard, you just can see us with all the froth. We’re always there.

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