Flame up, Bondi Beach 6:45am today

Flame Up

After a week of rogue waves, you can finally return to the water as the ocean has settled down. It’s head high at Bondi now, clean and looking quite good.

Wow, what an excellent sunrise, one of Sydney’s finest. A perfect thin ceiling of cloud hovering above Ben Buckler, lit up from the bottom as the sun rose. Poetry and all that…

Surf today and tomorrow – Sunday it’s all over.

Come see us at the Aquabumps Gallery in Bondi 10-6 all weekend or pop into our exhibition on at Westfield Bondi Junction.

Ciao :: uge

Classic Bondi line up

Fat rights in the south

Bondi 7:30am

Best time fo day to surf, sunrise

Ak, on his favourite left bank

Bay of colour, Bondi Beach all lit up at 6:45am this morning

13 thoughts on “Flame Up

  1. Thanks for a great site and awesome photos! Makes it a bit easier to be away from Sydney and the surf… All the way back in Canada.

    1. i’m wearin em, too. big whoop, wannafightaboudit?

      water is warm, air is cold, my toes still go numb after a couple of hours in the water unless i rock the booties.

      1. Yes, I’d like to fight about it.
        Maybe send me a ticket to get out of this freezing place, put me up for a few nights and you can punch me.

  2. Uge. It’s 4:42 am here on the east coast of America. I have my coffee in hand and I’m checking email. I’ve come to enjoy your gorgeous photos each morn as I begin my day. I don’t live on or near the ocean … but I can enjoy its beauty through the lens of your camera. Thanks for pursuing your passion and heading out there every day to *snap snap snap* shots and share them with the world. You’re just grand.
    {{hug}} from across the sea.

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