7:00am Bondi, looks fun huh? Next wave due around lunchtime

Flat + Flat

Today is a combination of flat light and flat surf.

Don’t be fooled by my first image where a guy is hot doggin’ down the line on a long board. He got lucky.

I wish I had a dollar for every person that has requested shots of Clovelly in my Bondi Gallery. I’d be rich and build a wave pool on a farm like the one in Dubai. How good would that be? I’d build a little bar on the side and serve fancy cocktails in between waves. You could surf all night long…

Sorry…back to Clovelly. Today I ventured down to the little waveless nook. My first impression was, well, lots of concrete. Someone’s gone nuts with it and poured it everywhere. It was relatively quiet at 5:30am but at 6:30am it was a hive of biathlon maniacs doing laps. The blueys are in so you could hear cries of pain every 3 minutes. So peeps, here’s your Clovelly shots up in bright shining lights.

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Ciao Ciao :: uge

Clovelly 6:00am, Concrete and a swimmer

The only colour we are going to have all day, Clovelly 5:40am

Loner, Cloey

Bondi Dribbles...woohoo

That guy is the blue speedos is the most tanned human in Austalia

Fisherman always up for the best part of the day, Clovelly 5:40am

7 thoughts on “Flat + Flat

  1. Hi Uge grew up in Clovelly and lots more concrete has been added since then – got used to sunbaking on concrete so Bondi is bliss by comparison. My father had a longboard and mainly surfed at Maroubra, as kids we got towed around Thompsons (Gordons) Bay on it by Dad’s fishing boat. Good days then and still good days now.

  2. it’s a bit out of fun not having the point break in bondi…but your pics telling us another stories of fun….especially the loner pic…whatta job you have uge…always awesooome….

  3. Hi Uge,

    The wavepool you refer to is not in Dubai. It is in Abu Dhabi. To be precise it is in the town of Al Ain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. To say it is in Dubai is like saying Bondi is in Queensland. There are seven emirates (or states) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujeirah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. Abu Dhabi is by far the biggest both in land mass and earnings from oil and gas. However, Dubai has better exposure to the north-west winds which blow down the Gulf, giving us some sporadic surf (2-3ft) in the winter months. Abu Dhabi misses out on the waves so they have the wavepool. It is rumoured that it was the whim of an Al Ain sheikh seeking to amuse his son who had learnt to surf while attending uni in California.



  4. Bondi dribbles is a great piece of observation,perspective and timing, love it.

    The blue speedo guy reminds me of Big Dave who was always in red speedos/red mal and (equally as tanned).
    I havent been to Bondi for many years, whenever I was there he was always a permanent fixture out in the lineup.
    Great to see that his daughter Chloe is always fondly remembered, must be a great comfort for him and his family.
    Is he still surfing Uge?


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