Mad Cows. Someone say free ice cream?

Mad Cows

Today when I rolled down the beach I saw:

– Brand new waist to shoulder high waves definitely worth surfing (little fat)
– Lots of people, up for the warm weather and working on the summer rig
– 50 mad cows littered around Bondi beach
– Free Ice-cream – I am an addict.
– NE winds
– My mate Sam in a pair of boardies he’s own since he was 17 (he’s now an old man at 40)
– A very good looking day – go outside!

Christmas is now 4 weeks away. If you want to order artworks from us to give to your people, they will take 3 weeks to hand craft, yes each order is processed in our secret mountain top factory, guarded by Buddhist monks, and Sir Tom, our master head framer, carves out the raw oak from a (dead) tree and then sands it into a frame which you can then pick up from our Bondi Gallery 151 Curlewis Street NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788 order artworks online right now and don’t even leave your seat!

Bye :: uge

Fluff on the mad mal hook

South Bondi swimmercam circa 7:00am

SUP summer style

Sam. He'd like me to promote his business here - but I won't

Ironing board

Brett Andersen on his peak in the middle of the beach

Ian Wallace picking the eyes

The rights look a little chubby and weak, but fun

10 thoughts on “Mad Cows

  1. Boring photos – you are just a business now not an artist. Truly….not jealous..just? bored…as much fun to visit as

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Tandy with my ‘boring photos’.

      It was a hard morning, no surf, not much else apart from some cows. Always a challenge, but I am up for it.

      I don’t claim to be much – not artist – just a guy who takes photos and loves putting them on my website (which is why I did his without income for 5 years).

      I guess the easy solution for this is for you to change channels…oh and maybe cheer up a little.

      Also – maybe get the facts straight. There was nothing commercial about that update. The content was documenting whatever was down there that morning e.g. cows and no one was paying for anything. Not even my readers like you. So I guess your comments are misleading and unjustified. But if you have another point of view that I am missing – happy to hear it and learn. is a good site!

      Bye, have a nice day, uge

  2. Love receiving the photos everyday, while sitting at the office. At least Im transported to the beach for a few seconds.!

  3. Hey Uge … love the updates and variety … great response to Tandy – no anger, no flame, but taking no rubbish – Hnag in there – Cheers, Geoff

  4. Always makes my day – seeing Bondi at its finest . Tandy should get out for a swim and enjoy the scenery rather than just commenting on it !

    No income for 5 years- wow its clearly a passion , keep it up , you’re great at it 😉

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