5:18am Tamarama lifeguard tower


After a sticky night it’s going to be a hot one today, but still hotter tomorrow. Wow.

There are no waves of significance to write about. Knee cappers.

Hit the beach, it’s amazing right now. 10/10.

Come to the Aquabumps Gallery, we’re open every day 10 to 6 and the deadline for xmas present orders is closing soon! Order online now

Ciao :: uge

Bondi 6:00am, mal dribbles

Swimmercam - hit the beach it's looking the goods

The Hoff's little brother, Brody from The Beaver

View from friends apartment, no waves here

Nope, nothing here either

Marine Drive, Tamarama

9 thoughts on “Sticky

  1. Hey Uge, are shot 5 & 6 (especially 6) taken from a building or from a chopper or remote controlled aircraft? I didn’t think those angles would be possible from surrounding buildings.

  2. Is the Blake Thornton who pops up here quite often the same Blake Thornton who’s competing in the Triple Crown? He didn’t make it through his heat. Uge, your boy Perth Standlick is in the next round.

  3. Nice shot! This makes me homesick!! Your website is my safari opening page so I can see what im missing everyday while os

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