Bailey Richards punting the shorey. Come along way


Ok, now that’s 3 really nice mornings in a row and everyone is onto it. It was PACKED this morning…not just surfers/swimmers…more water photographers than Pipe! The waves were waist high but around 7:30am I witnessed a small pulse, which threw in a few nice waves at South Bondi. I just rode the pushy pass the beach about 20 minutes ago and it looks like that pulse has ran out of juice. Tidal perhaps?

The forecast looks bleak, not much over 2 foot for days…good opportunity to watch the Quiky Pro at Kirra as they are running the girls now, men’s maybe later today. Look like the move down the beach to Kirra is paying off as Steph Gilmore just got a long drainer.

Katie from Flow Athletic is one of the fittest people I know. You’ve seen her around Bondi…she’s always in sports gear. Well she’s just opened up a new fitness business in Paddington that combines Yoga, Spin and TRX. Check it out as Aquabumps readers score a good membership deal.

C i a o : : u g e

Bondi 6:45am, best time of the day

Head dip

Lil' Pete...Astra Punt

Morning greenery

The groms were stoked today, Sage

Love that golden light at Bondi. Addictive

Pocket rider

One of the waves from the morning pulse

9 thoughts on “G R I D L O C K

  1. There is a lot of water photogs lately. Any challengers to the throne Uge? That sobo guy is easily the worst. All the gear and no idea.

    1. Pretty harsh James. Sobo Beau is just starting out and is a nice guy. He’s only 6 months into his shooting journey…so can’t judge buddy. SHould have seen my photos the first few years! Real bad – and I am still learning every day.

    1. Oh James, Uge is probably the best photographer in the hood, but you are for sure his worst subscriber. Get a life and let other people do what they are enjoying.

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