See those reflections? Bondi village in the face of a wave


Hola. Taking photos whilst swimming with my camera is pretty random. You’re never quite sure what you’ll come back with. Basically it’s pot luck and you just float around waiting for something interesting to happen – then pray that you actually focussed the camera properly when ‘it’ happens! We’ve been lucky lately with stunning mornings and golden light. Ok not to mention the small, semi-rideable knee to waist high waves like today. We’re still spoilt with a ridiculously warm 23 degree water…get in there.

The Aquabumps team is a fertile mob. 3 out the 4 females that work in the gallery are currently pregnant, pretty much all at the same time. The newborns won’t be able to work in this sweatshop for at least 4 to 5 years so I need to recruit some staff…currently seeking a full time Gallery/Sales Manager. This is probably the most senior position in Aquabumps outside my professional sun tanning role….if you think you fit this job description please apply to Gloria Tong today. If you know someone that the job would suit, tell ‘em about it and if we recruit them and they stay happily working here for a year I’ll give you a $1250 piece from my gallery. Also, if you’re currently wanting to get pregnant, just hang out at our Aquabumps Gallery (the House of Fertility), I’m sure something will happen.

Have a good day : :  u g e

Tim MacDonald finding some sunrise runners

Spot's swim group hittin' it. Bondi 7am

Charlotte Connell soaking up the morning light

Simon aka 'Sharkie'...he was once bitten

Random shot, Brett Andersen busting out of the morning light

Mr Little on the left

Decent morning light (and clouds)

South Bondi Rainbow

8 thoughts on “R A N D O M D I P S

    1. Thanks Nick…I by no means call myself a writer though…got a “C” in English at school and still learning to spell.

  1. You always make the waves look better than they are and thanks for capturing that rainbow too 🙂

  2. “3 out the 4 females that work in the gallery are currently pregnant, pretty much all at the same time”

    what did you do to them hahahaha

  3. Uge, Thanks so much for making my day today with the photo of the Spot’s group!! Been smiling all day!
    thank you!

  4. hi Uge, was it a hard job to get 4 women pregnant? Now I am going to be your MANAGER. How much will you pay me a month? Will I drive a range rover or may I choose another car? Your Pete

    I hope with me you will get even more staff pregnant.

  5. Hi uge, first visit to the web site & Facebook page. It all looks great. What camera kit is essential for your pictures??

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