Bondi Chambers, 7:00am today

Day 5

Day 5 of no swell. It’s coming though. Tomorrow you should be able to dust off the board and catch a few – but it is going to be real fun on Sunday afternoon and Monday.

The weather is just perfect. Not too hot, not too cool…just right. The water is retaining its bath temps at 22-23…joy! Big fan of Autumn.

Enjoy your weekend. If you’re sick of staring at blank walls come to the Aquabumps Gallery. We’re open Saturday/Sunday 10am to 6pm…come see these pics blown up large.

Ciao : : u g e

Anna Bolitho and Ruthie Cockle

A zombie sleep walking

Emily Jarrett from our gallery

Mini tubos

Bondi looks better this way up

Emma Cunningham

Loggers rights

Morning SUP before sunrise - nice

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