Manly, 6:00am, quiet


That ‘booming’ new ENE swell still hasn’t arrived properly…yet. It’s coming though. With the majority of the swell energy neglecting south facing Bondi I woke early to cross the ditch to Manly Town. Manly faces NE drawing in every bit of this swell direction. Waves broke around head high but with an incoming tide was super fat’n’chunky. I reckon this afternoon it should turn on…especially when the wind kicks around to the south, which is offshore over here.

In New Zealand (EN-Zed) they’ve scored their first batch of snow aye cuzi’s. Watch this wee video to inspire you to get over there.

I surfed with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott this morning. I sure hope he’s better at running a government than surfing…

Seeya : : uge

Down the line

Coloured sets of South Manly

Manly grass floaters

South Manly rights, couple of decent sets at sunrise

Early session

Manly, 9am - casual right (Schoolies are out in force)

Drain pipe - we need one of these. Makes good banks

13 thoughts on “M A N L Y

    1. Well done on making the trek over and nice shots. Im sure his surfing is a good representation of all government/circuses in Aus. They’re all clowns and Abbot is probably the biggest one of them all.

  1. Uge, you made my day this morning with some great shots of the local. Glad to see you venture back over the bridge to God’s Country on such a beautful morning. H

  2. You should have seen Winky a bit later this morning, was going off for a while ! And the bower was great too, away from all the crowd on the beach

    1. Not sure I’d call it “Going off!”

      I just got back, it’s 2pm and I’ve been there all day since 5:30am.

      3 foot…fat…probably better on a MUCh lower tide

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