Bondi 7am, some fun ones out there this morning!


You’ve got to be pretty happy with this week so far… There’s been something to ride most days…and more coming. Weather has been rather pleasant as well.

Today I took photographs (note, not captures, I hate when people call photos captures) down at good ole Bondeye. The swell has swung around to the South so we are seeing the benefits down here.

I’d call it head high on sets and fun. Kinda clean but the standard Bondi wobble was forever present.

Swell will pick up tomorrow…weekend looks great…Monday looks better…

Seeyouse :: uge

Autumn rich hues


Bondi Barrels, sorry mean close outs

Karlos Page, Mentawais training


Danny Goldberg lining up a little right hander

Best time of day for a jog

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