Jez Hrbach

Reef Nuggets

Typically Autumn is connected to our best time of year to surf. Ok, so she’s having a slow start but there’s pockets of fun on the right tides and winds.

This morning I swam out to a creepy reef which wasn’t cranking due to some wrong angles and stuff, but some nice thick empties rolling past my trigger finger.

Bondi actually looks kinda fun right now – head high on sets. No thick slabs out there, just some dribbly rip bowls. More surf coming this weekend. Sunday looking the goods.

Tonight Louisa Seton opens her “Out of Africa” exhibition at the Bondi Pavilion gallery. It will be hanging until 28th April 2013. See Lou’s Work

Ciao : : uge


Roofie. Where's me wide angle lens when ya need it

Matt Griggs, hiding behind the curtain

Oh boy, how thick is this? Reef nugget

Grigga, riding calm in the eye of the beast

Matt Hollman

Reef grinder

Below sea level beast

7 thoughts on “Reef Nuggets

  1. Uge, I love that reef nugget shot today! It almost looks like an arctic sculpture, frozen water…really beautiful!

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